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18-year-old John Doukas says him and his friends use the smart phone app ‘snap chat’ every day.

“You get the message, you wanna look at it. It’s very tempting not to not send back a message,” said Doukas.

I sat down with John and asked him to explain to me how exactly ‘snap chat’ works. The app lets you take a photo and send it, only to have it vanish a few seconds later. That’s right, gone forever.

“Whatever it takes to make a funny joke,” said Doukas.

Social media experts are concerned it’s opening new opportunities for sexting. A new feature has recently been added to the app that allows you to record and send up to ten seconds of video. This, in particular, has caught the attention of concerned parents.

The fleeting photos and videos have captured the interest of Doukas’ father.

“I think bullying is going to be one of the big issues coming up, utilizing this uh, this chat,” said John Doukas Senior.

These days, it’s hard to find a teenager without their smart phone. Experts say that open communication is the best way for parents to keep their kids out of trouble.

“I have to learn more about it,” said John Doukas Sr. “I have to try to understand why they created this. Then I would bring it up to my child and talk to him.”

But John Doukas Junior says it’s just silly and entertaining, and that there’s nothing to worry about.

“It’s very interesting for people to have fun with and just to, instead of texting someone it’s different,” said John Doukas Junior. “You’ll have your tect but you also have a picture of that person doing something funny in the background.”


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