One Day Without Shoes

‘Here on the Corner’ Boutique on ASU’s Tempe Campus is participating in TOM’s shoes evemt ‘One Day Without Shoes’. The annual event asks people to go one full day with no shoes. The goal is to spread awareness about children around the world who aren’t able to own a pair of shoes. This is owner Julie Kent’s second year participating in the event.

“When you think about if a kid goes without shoes, they’re cutting their feet, they’re getting infections, they’re getting sick. I mean, it’s so, it just inhibits what they can do in life.” said Kent.

The boutique invites people to sign a pledge, promising they’ll finish the rest of the day with no shoes.

Stephanie Hifler saw the table on the street and decided to participate. “It’s a great cause, a great day to promote awareness for kids that don’t have shoes. I’m glad that there’s a company that does something like this and um, you know if people ask me about my feet then that’s the whole point, so.”

And that’s what it did – got people talking. Not only did people take notice of the good cause, but it brought attention to the boutique, which is so small it’s easy to pass by.

“I think they’ll remember. You know? I mean throughout the whole day, they’re gonna remember, when they’re in an uncomfortable situation that wow, people go through this all the time.” said Kent.

A day to remember. One Day Without Shoes.


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