Steve Rubel; The Media Cloverleaf

Steve Rubel was the speaker at last night’s Must See Monday at the Cronkite School. It seemed apparent he’s been in PR his entire career, because he seemed more than comfortable speaking in front of a large audience. He noted 5 big things he thinks have changed in the media, 2 things that haven’t changed much, and outlined the Media Cloverleaf – a model laying media out in an easy-to-understand way.

The 5 BIG CHANGES Rubel said that we’ve seen in media over the past few years are as follows:
First, there has been an overwhelming expansion of media channels. How’s this little fun fact for you?: more content will be created over the span of today and tomorrow than in the history of media content leading all the way up until 2003. That fact along speaks for itself in terms of how much more media content we’re producing in recent years.
Second, we live in a multi-screen world, and businesses have to adjust to that. People often are watching programs on TV while tweeting about them using their smart phones and talking about them on their computer using Facebook all at the same time.
Third, every company is a media company. Whether we like to admit it or not, every company from Starbucks to Shell gas station has a Facebook page and promotes themselves.
Fourth, stories are more social than ever. We have to understand that with as many media outlets as we have now, stories are not as much “hard news” as they used to be, but rather socially spread.
And fifth, stories last forever. Rubel used terminology referring to Google as “the afterlife” of all the content we create using media outlets.

THE 2 THINGS THAT HAVEN’T CHANGED MUCH are that we love a good story. From when press and media were created to our highly advanced society of media today, the fact that people love a good story hasn’t changed. This coincides with the second thing that hasn’t changed much, that content is king. People may love a good story, but a good story comes with content, and that content has to be good. The content has to be what people want to read.


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