Michael Chow; Arizona Republic Photojournalist

Tonight’s “Must See Monday” was an exceptional one – as you could see by the lack of open seats even after more were added. Michael Chow, the senior photographer for the Arizona Republic, was there to speak about his journey as a photojournalist. The thing that set this “Must See Monday” apart from others was the intriguing visuals that were displayed throughout. Chow kept the audience engaged by showing off some of his work, impressing everyone with some of the images that appeared on the screen.

Chow was initially drawn to the desert by the beauty of the scenery that isn’t necessarily common around the nation. The unique monsoon season, our regular brush fires, and clear desert shots of the moon are a few things he especially loves about Arizona. He also said he likes to add humor into his pictures, keeping his career something that he still loves to do.

One of the most challenging and rewarding requirements of his job, Chow said, is that he has to come up with stories relevant to the contemporary events in society. “One of the things I get to do in my job is witness history first-hand”, Chow said. With that comes one of the hardest moments to cover for him: grief.

He also showed us a few video slideshows he had created, something I could relate to after last week’s assignment in my Online Media class. His were impressive… for lack of a better word. The sound he used was what really made the slideshow come together. What caught my attention was that most of the sound used in the slideshows was just casual conversation by the people portrayed in the slideshow. Them casually talking to each other in the environment that the pictures created really created a setting that made me feel like I was a part of the event.

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