Fashion Sin: Crocs – The Rubbery, Plastic Substitute for Actual Shoes

There are some fashion rules that must never be broken. Most are relatively arbitrary, and it depends on the certain person, situation, or environment to decide whether or not they violate some kind of fashion more. But this one is absolutely black and white. Crocs are a brand of shoe that was introduced into the realm of fashion a few years ago, shocking almost everyone in the shoe business.

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Crocs are “shoes” that are plastic-like clogs with holes throughout their upper. They have absolutely no durability or functionality whatsoever in any kind of weather. Sure, you can get them wet. I honestly wouldn’t be nearly as disgusted or opposed to seeing someone wear them around a boat or pool (although Sperrys are a much more acceptable choice for boat shoes) as I am when I see people wear them in during every day activities. But people wear them all the time.

I’ve seen nurses wearing them at doctor’s offices, as well as people wearing them to class and going to and from the gym. Don’t even get me started on those people who decide it’s acceptable to sport them to the grocery store or running errands. And what are these jibbitz things that everyone has shoved through their Crocs?

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Jibbitz are little charms that are for decorating your less-than-appealing pairs of rubbery plastic. They’re stuck through the holes to act as aesthetically-pleasing and individually-decorated trinkets. As if Crocs weren’t cheesy enough as it is…

The thing that confuses me most about them is the rumor I’ve heard multiple times that they’re made from products that are edible if cooked. They say that if you’re stranded on a deserted island, you can make a fire, cook your Crocs, and eat them. Okay, I could maybe understand the desire in this if we were living in the 1600s… but this is 2011.

I guess I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the reason why anyone would think that purchasing a pair of these over-priced pieces of neon rubber-plastic is remotely socially or fashionably acceptable. They’re simply just not attractive. If you ‘re tempted to spend $40 to purchase a pair of these, please reconsider. For all of our sakes.

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