“Fresh Kicks” – Why do Some Men Take More Pride in Their Shoe Collection Than Women?

There’s something about a certain few males I’ve encountered that I still have trouble understanding. There’s some phenomenon with guys to have a ridiculously large amount of shoes, and taking such extreme pride in them that it goes a little over board. Often times, these guys refer to their shoes as kicks (note the second definition on the Urban  Dictionary page) or “fresh kicks“.

The “kicks” these guys speak of are usually a new style of Nikes or some other name brand that manufactures men’s tennis shoes. They also are generally targeted to male athletes, and are some kind of spin-off of an athletic shoe, such as basketball dunks.

The thing that boggles my mind about this phase that a lot of the guys I went to high school with go through is how feminine it seems. The kind of guys I knew who were obsessed with their shoe collection and kept them spotlessly clean (to the point that if a bit of dust were to get on the sole, they’d get a towel and wipe it off), were those kind of guys that were always good at sports and did really well with girls. They were so masculine in every aspect, but when it came to their shoes, they were always more well-groomed and taken care of than even mine were. In addition to that, the shoes they sport are often times so flashy and over-the-top, it only further validates the femininity of the trend. As a girl, I look at shoes like the ones below and think why are you trying to upstage my shoes?

found at djcatnap.com

Another trait among this phase of “fresh kicks” is matching them with your outfit. If the shoe has any kind of lime green stripe, there obviously has to be lime green incorporated into your clothes somehow, whether it be a zipper seam or a hat.

I’m not completely turned off of this style. After all, I grew up with a lot of guys who dressed like this on a regular basis. I also appreciate the effort that they put into the way that they dressed. It’s certainly less painful to look at a guy dressed in a nicely put together outfit than a guy who doesn’t care at all and comes to school in the same clothes he slept in – slippers and all. I just wish I had a better grasp of what the big deal is about “fresh kicks”. But I guess that goes for any fashion trend. We may never understand why certain things are in style, they just are. For now, I have to accept that.

One response to ““Fresh Kicks” – Why do Some Men Take More Pride in Their Shoe Collection Than Women?

  1. I agree – blech. Isn’t that why guys have all that tech stuff to collect?

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