Is the Trend of Thigh-High Boots Too Sky-High?

We’ve all seen it. Guys, you can even admit to having seen Pretty Woman, one of the most classic movies of all time with one of the most classic actresses of all time. I bet you can all remember her signature outfit as a prostitute, too. No? Let me remind you:

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As atrocious as the outfit is, Julia Roberts may have been on to a certain fashion trend – just about thirty years too early. Over-the-knee boots are coming full-force into style for the fall and winter. They were being introduced into respectable stores such as Nordstrom as early as last year, but have really taken off this year. Zipping up a pair of these babies is most definitely making a conscious “look at me” statement, which isn’t necessarily bad. I say if you’ve got the legs to wear them, do it.

They’re surely not designed for women of all shapes and sizes to wear. I mean, the boots do have to zip up over the thighs, which is a problem area for many women. Also, if you happen to be as lucky as I am with legs shorter than your torso, this style won’t particularly suit you. They’re designed for women with long, slender legs (why not wear a pair of boots that calls attention to your legs if they’re long and slender anyway, right?). Take Kate Moss for example, she is most definitely a fan of the trend:

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These tall boots are available in many varieties. Some barely reach the knee, others hit right above the knee, and some reach up past Pretty Woman height and lay dangerously high on the upper thigh. Are Ciara’s thigh-high boots too sky-high?

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Depending on the person wearing them, some are acceptable, others are not. The “sky-high-thigh” length boots should almost never be an option, with the exception of a bold fashion statement made by someone like Lady Gaga who can turn any barbaric fashion choice into an iconic, sought-after look by millions of “monsters”.

As a statement piece, I tend to like the trend of the over-the-knee boots. I like them most because they can be worn with a lot of different kinds of outfits. Zipping them over a pair of skinny jeans for a day in the city or throwing them on with a pair of textured tights and a basic outfit to pull it all together, they can be worn as any style. They can also be cute with flat bottoms, or with heels. I think it’s an interesting trend, and I’m curious as to how long it will last. So far, it’s just begun to soar into the great celebrity fashion trends. But who knows, maybe ten years from now it’ll be featured on E!’s top ten worst fashion trends of all time. As for now, I’d advise you to get used to them.

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