Ugly Uggs – the Awkward Combination Between Eskimo and Moon Boots

My immediate family is split in half. Two men, and two women. It’s a consistently asked-for Christmas gift every year on both mine and my mom’s list for Uggs. Both my dad and brother have asked me in the past about Ugg boots. Neither of them understand why girls wear them because, well, they think they’re horribly ugly. This time, I’ll give it to the men of the Adams family – I think they’re right. They’re bulky, eskimo-like slipper-boots that are lined with fur which over time becomes increasingly sweaty from wear.

Ugg boots are understandable in few climates. They really are luxuriously warm and comfortable, perfect for tucking skinny jeans into or wearing to the library with sweat pants. However, they’re completely impractical for most cold places considering their sheep skin outer is not durable in any kind of rain or snow. The thing that gets me the most is that girls often sport Ugg boots in hot climates, pairing them with a short skirt or shorts.

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What’s the objective here? They’re clearly made for colder climates considering their fur lining that guarantees your foot a nice sweaty pond-like atmosphere after ten minutes of wearing them. Ugg boots have become a sort of fashion trend. Deckers Outdoor Corporation expects a steady increase in sales still to come, projecting a 25%n increase in the next year. The brand has blazed a trail for the particular niche of footwear it embodies. The peak of their sales is around Christmas, and the average sale per year has been climbing consistently over the past few years. The brand has become so popular that it’s branched out of its classic Ugg boot style, creating slippers, flip flops, handbags, and even apparel. It now goes far beyond the quirky look of a space boot to the marking of a brand name.

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I’m curious to see readers’ opinions. Girls, do you agree with me that Uggs really are, in fact, ugly – but own them anyway? Or do you disagree completely and think they’re the hottest trend out there? Guys, are you as perplexed as my dad and 24-year-old brother are at these Australian slipper-boots that seem to enthrall most girls at any age? Or are you simply indifferent about the topic?

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