Beauty is Pain – Why do Women Subject Themselves to the Pain of High Heels?

I’ve found a lot of men asking me lately, “Why do you girls subject yourself to heels?”. Why do we? Most women do, in fact, wear heels at least once a week.  A lot of us wear them even when unnecessary. If there’s anything all of us girls can agree on, it’s this: heels are not comfortable.

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Jamming your foot into a pair of shoes that forces your ankle to an angle of at least 45 degrees is not natural. Most instances, the heel has some sort of seam or hard spot that rubs against a part of your foot until it’s bleeding within the first fifteen minutes of wearing them. Yet, we keep them on. We all subject ourselves to the possibility of a rolled or sprained ankle every time we stuff our feet into those suckers. I wore a pair of pumps last Friday night, and here’s the evidence:

My foot after a night in my favorite nude pumps

I personally love heels. I love wearing them and will do so on any occasion that isn’t completely inappropriate – even if they’re destroying my feet the second I put them on. I’ll be honest, they make me feel sexy. When I’m wearing heels I feel like I’m more eye-catching than on a normal day. They draw attention not only to your feet, but to yourself in general, and that spikes your confidence to a new level.

Many women wear heels in professional settings as well. I can understand that because of my personal love for the shoe, but even in an office environment where no one really sees you aside from your cubicle partner, women wear them. Why is it that we feel so obligated to strap on these torture devices every day? Most women would probably say that they feel expected to wear heels to the office. However, I honestly don’t think most men notice – especially in an office environment.

There are different kinds of heels, don’t get me wrong. Not all are awful, pain-inflicting death devices. Having said that, there is one kind of heel that is absolutely inappropriate: the kitten heel.

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The kitten heel is a heel that I’m sure was invented to allow women who can’t handle high-heels to still be able to fit in and wear “heels”. Although I really wouldn’t consider these less-than-attractive shoes heels. A kitten is a small cat, and a kitten heel is a small heel. A heel that completely defeats the purpose of wearing a sexy pair of heels. Girls, you’re much better off sporting a pair of classy flats to work than wearing kitten heels, trust me. That is, unless you’re over the age of 65.

The mystery of why women wear heels on such a regular basis when they don’t actually enjoy them may remain. Maybe no one will ever know why it is we continue to subject ourselves to the outlandish, sky-high heels and platforms that potentially have so many adverse effects. What we know is this: heels will stay. Ever since the gender roles of America started to change in the 1920s when women started wearing dresses that showed part of their leg rather than pants with heels and lipstick, heels have remained. And they will continue to do so.

One response to “Beauty is Pain – Why do Women Subject Themselves to the Pain of High Heels?

  1. Ow! I am very curious to know what awful shoe did that to you!

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