Getting Fratty with Sperrys, the Boat-Shoe-Turned-Fashion-Trend

After last week’s discussion on an item I’m not particularly used to, I thought I’d continue on the same trend and bring into play another kind of shoe I’d never seen before moving to Arizona, Sperrys. Sperry Top Sider is a brand of boat shoes initially made for men to wear while sailing.

Its preppy look has caused the brand to go beyond its initial intent. I’ve been told that Sperrys are a trend that is prevalent on the east coast. I’ve also noticed a pattern of fraternity men sporting this particular shoe, and never really understood why they, in particular, have taken so much interest in it. After speaking with a few friends who happen to be members of different fraternities, there was a general consensus: wearing Sperrys makes you fratty. What is “fratty”? Why are so many guys determined to give off the “fratty” demeanor?

Apparently being “fratty” has numerous advantages. When perceived as “fratty”, people are supposed to view you as someone who is successful and financially well-off. Whether it be well-earned money or a product of daddy being the CEO of a major company, people will apparently look at you as someone who is wealthy. Also, being perceived as “fratty” means you do well with the ladies. Obviously. All women care about is money, right? And the brand of shoe a guy slips onto his feet is a clear indicator of how much money he has, right? The pattern is clear, isn’t it?

1. Man buys Sperrys

2. Man must be rich

3. Women flock to man

If you hadn’t noticed, there’s an intent of slight sarcasm in the above paragraph. I don’t doubt for a second that the above is sometimes how the process does actually go. I’ve met an alarming amount of girls who look for nothing but a financially stable future in a man. However, I don’t think that’s the only reason Sperrys have the said affect.

I think that Sperrys are a very nice, fashion-conscious choice for men. They look good with a large assortment of outfits, and are good for every day wear. It’s incredible how much of an effect something like Sperrys can have on someone’s confidence. Beyond the “fratty” stereotype, confidence is something that everyone notices. Man or woman, rich or poor, “fratty” or not.

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