“Mandals” – An Unforgivable Fashion Sin Committed by Men Everywhere

Coming from Portland, Oregon, I’ve gotten used to seeing people wear the same kind of clothing my entire life. Girls wear boots, jeans, and sweatshirts. Guys stick to the typical Nikes, jeans, and sweatshirts. The weather doesn’t change much throughout the year, so neither does the clothing. However, after moving to the constantly sunny state of Arizona, I couldn’t help but notice something in particular: guys wear sandals. At first I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t used to this trend just because I was from the rainy state of Oregon, until I was reassured by the chatter I hear among other girls who feel the same way.

Mandals: men who wear sandals.

I’ve come to find that the subject is surprisingly touchy to men. Personally, I think men wearing sandals is an atrocious fashion decision that should be harshly penalized. I’ve talked to many girls among my peers who tend to agree with me. Girls take care of their feet with regular pedicures and strict toe nail maintenance, making sure they’re always polished and beautiful. We’re also biologically blessed with virtually hairless feet, giving them a smooth, clean appearance. Why would we want to see a man’s hairy, hobbit-like feet with matching un-groomed, yellow toenails? After all, we go through much more painful things on a regular basis in order to remain beautiful and feminine than sucking it up and wearing a pair of tennis shoes in the heat. There are those mandals that are completely unforgivable, but some may argue that it depends on the kind of sandal a man slips on his foot. Even the “Southern California mandal” look with Reefs or Rainbows is against my personal beliefs. Women like to think of the men in their life as masculine. Wearing any kind of mandals not only brings down the masculinity of a man, but it subconsciously makes a woman think of him as more feminine than he really may be.

However, the counter argument is quite valid as well. How can us girls expect men to never wear sandals when we live in such a hot climate? We wear them on a daily basis, after all, and they really are significantly cooler than the alternative sweaty socks stuffed inside of a pair of tennis shoes. They’re also much more convenient. Heading out to the pool? Need to slip something on real quick to go check the mail? Just grab your handy pair of mandals and you’re good to go. This isn’t a bad idea in theory, although I think it’s inexcusable. My objective of this post was to inform. I thought there might be men out there who had no idea that this thought ran through womens’ minds. Well, now you do. It  all depends on whether or not you care what they think. If you’re a proud mandal-wearer, go for it. Readers, please feel free to leave your opinions on the matter. I’d be interested to see a discussion on the topic. I think it’s something that isn’t discussed openly enough, and everyone could benefit from the opinions of others.

One response to ““Mandals” – An Unforgivable Fashion Sin Committed by Men Everywhere

  1. 1. Jesus wore sandals, guys wear flip flops
    2. try having your man go to the beach with shoes… talk about being completely unforgivable
    3. I’m a man and i’ve been told i have really nice feet for a guy, does this mean i’m allowed to wear flip flops?

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