The Unconventional Shoe Blog

Shoes. Yes, I’ve decided to write a blog about shoes. The mere fact that that alone will initiate preconceived notions is enough for me to want to make it different than other “shoe blogs” floating around the blogosphere. It doesn’t help, however, that I’m a sorority girl at Arizona State University. I do think that I have a decent fashion sense and that I could blog every day about my opinions and fashion advice. But there are plenty of those already.

My goal is to use shoes as my starting point, elaborating on different thoughts that stem from the general topic. I want to open things for discussion that involve opinions I hear people gossiping about, the things that some people may not be aware are thoughts in others’ minds. Some, I hope, will think it’s funny. Others may find it secretly educational, and who knows, it’s ignorant to think there won’t be people out there who think the idea is completely ludicrous. My objective is to try and do something different, something that you aren’t expecting when you open the link. As a rookie to the blogging world, I hope that readers out there will find it entertaining at least. Enjoy.

One response to “The Unconventional Shoe Blog

  1. Go for it!

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